HNCC started its IT division by providing and implementing broadband local area networks, wireless access and security solutions and now it is being recognized as a leader in the domain. Using industry leading technologies, the solutions offered by HNCC are ideal for a variety of access, backhaul and private network applications.

HNCC leadership in the area of network solutions is further strengthened by the mere fact that it holds the leading brands in LAN, WAN and broadband technologies under one umbrella. Some of these brands include Redline Communications (A principal WIMAX partner), 3COM, Orthogon, Alink...etc.

HNCC has expanded the domain of services in the IT division by establishing off shore development and excellence centers in Pakistan, Cyprus & Italy. This has enabled HNCC to truly provide end-to-end enterprise solutions.

HNCC is emerging as a premier IT solution provider in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  HNCC possess the capacity and experience for providing strategic technology solutions.